Pita, Paralympic athlete: Persons with disabilities can be stars!

BULANDE Pita Rondao

Pita, Paralympic athlete: 

Persons with disabilities can be stars!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

For the first time ever, Mozambique is sending athletes to the Paralympic Games. 19-year-old Pita Rondao Bulande is part of the team of 5 athletes who qualified for the 2012 Games:
“For me, sport means that for us as well, life goes on. By participating in the Paralympics I want to show that persons with disabilities can be stars!” 

Pita was born in 1993 in Beira province, Mozambique. At the age of three he caught the measles and didn’t receive proper treatment. Gradually, he lost his sight. As he grew up and became completely blind, Pita felt very isolated and lonely, but he did not like feeling dependent on others.

A big change in Pita’s life came about in 2008 when he met Jonas Alfredo, a teacher and sports trainer working in a disability sports association. Pita started running and turned out to be an excellent sprinter! He took up regular training and participated in local and national championships. His biggest success so far was qualifying for the Paralympics in May 2012.
For Pita, sport is a lot more than a career or a hobby. It gives people new perspectives and provides opportunities to take part in community activities.

“I want to be a role model and I want to improve the situation of persons with disabilities,” Pita explains. Through sports, perceptions and attitudes on disability and the talents of persons with disabilities can be changed.
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Pita, Paralympic athlete: Persons with disabilities can be stars!

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